Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week 86 The impression of the spirit

Monday 6/19/2017
Elder Martin finished up his My plan for his return home. We picked up the Birch Hills Elders and did a few things we needed to get done. At PDay activity we got a couple activities going and that was fun. Dinner was with the Patinos, we had to hurry to an appointment after. Our appointment was with Maricela, she isn't interested in changing from where she is a now. We encouraged her to continue to seek, and bore testimony to her. 

The day was a very hot one. After studies we went and had lunch with the Miller family. We shared a message with them about fathers. They had quite a few stories to share with us so we were there for a while. We did a little finding in the heat not to much success meeting people. Our dinner was with the Nebakers. We shared the restoration with them and invited them to make a family invitation plan. The night ended at the Olsen family we talked with them about serving their neighbors and others around them. They had some good referrals for us before we left. 

At District meeting we discussed baptism and working with our investigators towards that. We went over making baptismal calendars. The usual Zone pictures followed then off to lunch. We met up at the Chipotle. Elder Dodd lost his I pad which we weren't able to find sadly. The Thorums took us to I hop for dinner. After we did finding to finish the night. The Andersons were home and we talked to them about their neighbors. 

In the morning we headed to the mission office. Elder Martin had his departing missionary temple trip. I ended up with Elder Wright a previous companion of mine for half of the day. We met back up at Alohas for lunch and we parted with our companions. After some studies we went out finding for the rest of the day. While talking to people I was able to meet someone from the Dayton Ohio area too, which was cool. Brother Sutherland was home so we stopped by and shared the Plan of Salvation with him. There was not to many other people willing to talk for the rest of the night. 

After studies we went to an appointment, but it fell through. We walked around the neighborhood and met Angel. She was curious about the church that was across the street. So we talked to her for a little while and she was very open to talking anything about it. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future, since she is solid. Weekly planning took up the rest of the day till dinner. I ate a quick meal before we headed to the mission home for Elder Martin's departure dinner. I went in a trio with Elder Dales and Cook. We did some finding for the rest of the night till we picked up our companions at the end of the night. 

Our morning started with Elder Martin going to his departure interview with President. We finished up studies and the rest of weekly planning before dinner. We had dinner with the Campbell's. After dinner we had finding for the rest of the night. As the night came to an end we met Charles. He has investigated before and has felt the spirit when he investigated. So we helped him recognize that and got all of his information so we can meet with him. The night ended with transfer calls. My new companion will be Elder Sparto my mission Brother for his last transfer. 

It was a good sacrament meeting. The high councilor gave a good talk that related our lives to canoeing down the river of life. There is many obstacles and things that can bump us up. Elders quorum was also great we talked about struggles with faith. After church we went back and Elder Martin got his stuff ready to go home. At the end of the night we went out and did some finding to finish off. 

The impression of the spirit

 It was great when we met Charles on Saturday. He having been taught before was great. The best part was he had felt the spirit during his previous investigation. The impressions of the spirit leave great mark on the soul. When he read from the Book of Mormon he felt great peace and a feeling of knowing it is true. We asked if he had ever been to church, he said yes it was kind of weird everyone was happy and it felt really great. He knew it was the spirit, it left a mark that we helped him recognize again. 

Also we were at a members home this week. They told us of a neighbor they had really liked them, but eventually they moved. One day some missionaries knocked on the door. He remembered the neighbors and how great they were then noticed the feeling that was missing. The missionaries had that it eventually led to them being converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We often don't realize the effect and spirit that we bring. It truly does have a great impact on

the others around us. 

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