Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week 85 Death

Monday 6/12/2017 
In the morning we did laundry and Elder Martin did my plan. We did some shopping before PDay activity. After we had a lesson with the Colons, we were able to teach them the restoration and invited them to member missionary work. We did a little finding before the night ended with an exchange. Elder McMurray came to the area. 

We had a lesson in the morning with Randell. Brother Clark came with us to the lesson. We shared the Plan of Salvation with Randell and it went really great. Brother Clark was great for Randall, he had a lot of things to share with him. There was time for us to finish studies and lunch before we went back out. We did finding for most of the day which went fairly well. The lessons that we had fell through, some rescheduled so the was great. Our dinner was at the Soup plantation with the Hendrix family. While street contacting we talked with a few people that were interested in us stopping by to see them. We exchanged back at the end of our night. 

We got a call before studies were over to fill a Zone assignment for Rise Against Hunger. We were a couple hours late due to the late notice. We staged pallets for events going out, stacking the rice bags also the soy bags. I did the math I moved a little over 5000 lbs of rice and soy myself, I'm not sure how much Elder Martin moved. We were a little worn after that it didn't seem like much until after we finished. There was a lesson soon after we finished so we hurried back and changed. Just as we pulled up they canceled again the second day in a row. We tried some people in the area till dinner time. After we had a lesson with the Neinhies. They liked the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their invitation was to find better ways to feast upon the words of Christ. As we were finishing up our night we saw Yadi, she is doing well. We shared a message with her and tried to setup a time to come back by. 

There was Zone conference for most of our day. It was the best Zone conference of my mission. There was a lot of great questions asked. A great focus of the conference was the eternal identity of those that we teach and how repentance is important to that. It was the Taggarts last one and they had a lot of great things to share. We dropped off the Birch Hills Elders before dinner. After we got a call to help move 300 cinder blocks. There were about five that came to help it only took us an hour. While trying to contact a new move in we met Elizabeth. We talked with her for a while, she showed some interest so we will try to meet with her again. The night ended by us stopping by the McFerson's for some cake and ice cream. 

In the morning we had a quick follow up lesson with the Neinhies. They found some great ideas to feast upon the words of Christ. Our day consisted of weekly planning mostly. The zone leaders came by to inspect the apartment. We have a really good week planned. We went out with Brother Money to visit some people, but they weren't home. There were a couple people we were able to talk too. Our night ended at the Morris family. They shared some of their stories and we shared the restoration with them. 

In the morning between studies we were able to have a lesson. We met with a Muslim man and shared the restoration with him. He liked our message and was open to us coming back another time. We finished up our studies before heading back out. The Flores family was home, so I got to meet them and we shared the Plan of Salvation with them. They said they would come to church the next two Sundays. There were a few more contacts before the end of the night which went real well. 

They had a lot of great fathers day talks in sacrament meeting. We had a really great discussion on baptism in gospel principles. After church we finished studies and did a little finding before dinner with the Jaciers. The finding continued until we finished the night giving some blessings to sisters. 

It is one of the things all of us mortals may eventually have to come to. It would be quite depressing if we didn't have Jesus Christ. The Plan of Salvation brings us some great knowledge though. So death is when our spirit separates from our bodies. This is one of the results of the fall of Adam. The great blessing is that we have the Atonement and resurrection. Death is only a temporary state. We will be reunited with our bodies in their perfect form. 

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