Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 34

Monday 6/20/2016 
We did our regular P-day routine. The zone met up and we played a few rounds of gator ball. After zone activity we had dinner real quick, then went out to do some finding. 
Pday fun
After studies we went to the office. We finished at the office and stopped by Joe's Ice. Dinner was with the Jernigans. Liza wasn't able to meet with us. We finished the night with finding. 

In the morning before district meeting we had a Roadeo. The vehicle coordinator setup a car obstacle course. Every designated driver had to drive the course. After district meeting we picked up some Jack in the box. We parked the car and went through some of the ward list before dinner. We had dinner with the Browns and saw Mango. After dinner we helped the Rowe's load their moving truck. It is sad to see them go, but there is a lot of optometry students in the ward. We had a lesson with Tamara and finished her baptismal record.


Elder Hamby was under the weather for most of the day. We had dinner with the Schillings, they invited a less active and her husband. We taught them a lesson and they liked it. We did some finding around our apartment. No one was home so we headed in for the night.  

We had weekly planning which took most of our day. We saw Todd he was pretty drunk. He is not interested at this time. We stopped by the Torres family and taught them a brief restoration lesson then gave them a Book of Mormon. They have really great faith and always welcome us in. We finished with the Torres family. 

After studies we went to the most northern part of our area and went through the ward list. When we finished, our list of people that no longer live at the address grew. We went back the apartment for dinner then did finding, no luck. 

In the morning we had ward council and PEC. They focused on some sabbath day observance training. We had a lot of people in gospel principles class. After church we had dinner with sister Budd. The stake patriarch had dinner with us, he is a really cool guy. We finished the night at the Bertichini's.

This was one of the slower weeks. Looking forward to the next week.   

Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 33

Monday 06/13/2016 
In the morning we did our shopping and other tasks that needed completed. After we were done with that we did some work at the pinnacle computer lab. We grabbed some lunch then went over to zone activity. There was not a lot of people since it was transfer day. We played around for a while, then got ready for dinner. Our dinner was with the Bird's, they got pizza. We saw Tamara and setup her baptismal program with her. She described the feeling like waiting for Christmas. After Tamara we did some quick shopping then headed back. 

We visited Van, we shared a brief restoration with him. His biggest concern is that he is a founding father of a local Methodist church. We are hoping to see if he will keep the commitments we extend. We taught the Else's the restoration. They are pretty set in their ways and don't want to change. We want to keep working with them to see if they will begin to progress. We went and helped the Acacia park move back to the Fullerton area. When we were done helping them move we had dinner with the Bailey family. They made a great dinner, after we talked about member missionary work. The Bailey's already had a plan and everything. We met Tamara and Sister Douglass at the church then walked through the baptism with her. We met the Douglass's back at their apartment. Then we went over to see a family and we gave the father a blessing with Brother Douglass. The father has cancer on one of his arteries. We talked to them for a while then we left. We called it a night after that point. 

After our studies we went to do service at Stop Hunger Now. While we were there we staged pallets for events that they put on. We grabbed some lunch from Wendy's. After we finished the service we stopped by Joe's ice on the way back up. We met at the church and caught Brother Northgrave up on everything. He spent two weeks in Panama. We got dressed in our proselyting clothes and met with Tamara. We had a dinner with Brother Capaloto after Tamara. Brother Capaloto brought us to the Olive Pit, which is probably one of my favorite places in the Fullerton area. We can't afford to eat there as missionaries though. After dinner it was time to get back to the apartment. 
We had district meeting in the morning. We talked about bringing our wards up to date technologically. After we did a grab then gather for lunch. After we were finished we went to Tamara's. Brother Northgrave came with us and Tamara made us dinner. Our lesson was on enduring to the end. We helped her understand what goes on after she is baptized. We did some iPad things at a church building and went back to the apartment. 

We had weekly planning for most of the day. When we went out we tried to see a few people, no one was home. We had dinner with the Nuttle's, that was awesome as always. We saw some less actives and setup an appointment. We stopped by Tamara and got her ready for her baptism. She is so excited and thankful for the gospel. We were not able to get in contact with anyone before the end of the night. 

I had a doctors appointment in the morning. After the appointment we grabbed some Joe's ice on the way back up to Fullerton. We ate some lunch and headed over to the church for Tamara's baptism. We met with Brother Northgrave and made the final preparations for the baptism. The baptism didn't go as planned, but we were still able to make it a great spiritual experience. After we called it a night. 

We confirmed Tamara is sacrament meeting. Her kids pediatrician from over thirty years ago was able to make it. It is cool to see how such a huge impact he had on her life. She has finally been able to find what she has been looking for. He probably didn't realize what the end result would be. After church we grabbed lunch and stopped by to see the Rigby family. We dropped our laundry off and finished the night. 

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 32

Final zone picture for the transfer
Monday 6/6/2016 
We went to the lab early in the morning to work on music. When we were done with the lab we did some shopping. Then headed over to the church building for a nerf war, we ended up not having one. After the activity we had a lesson with Tamara, we read the Book of Mormon with her. We answered her questions that she had for us. We went to La Labrador to pickup our laundry. We went back to the apartment, then ended the night. 

We exchanged in the morning and I stayed in the area with  Elder Durney. We did finding of less actives and potential investigators for most of the day. The Mikols came to a lesson with us at the Else family's house. We were not able to teach a whole lot about the restoration, but it was a productive visit. After our lesson we had dinner with the Mikols. We had to cut dinner short to get to Tamara's. The Jernigans came to our lesson and we taught her about missionary work. She has been doing a great job of inviting everyone to her baptism. She truly is fearless in sharing the gospel. After our appointment we tried to see a few people then exchanged back. 

We went district meeting in the morning. We grabbed Jack In the box for lunch. We went back to the apartment and Elder Hamby rested since he was sick. We went to our daily lesson with Tamara, President Williams came. We talked about the Ten Commandments with her. After our lesson with Tamara we headed back and exchanged with the Zone leaders. I stayed in the area with Elder Haynie. 

After studies we tried visiting a few people, no one seemed to be home. I made lunch at the apartment. We had service at Mary's kitchen which was fun as always. After Mary's we stopped by Joe's on our way back. We saw this guy, but he was busy so he told us to try to catch him next week. We tried visiting a few more people, but we were not having luck. We had dinner with the Davis family. We had Mexican corn, it is covered in mayonnaise and chili powder not bad. After dinner Tamara pushed back her appointment twice so we couldn't meet with her. We saw Liza and she wanted us to try to stop by next week. We walked back to the apartment then exchanged back. 

In the morning we went to Brother Canon's. We spent a while there with Sunny Hills. After Brother Canon we went down to the mission office to drop off some stuff. On our way back up to Fullerton we stopped by Joe's. We had a lesson with Tamara after dinner. We stopped by and saw the Ried family. We talked about member missionary work. 

We weekly planned in the morning. We went to a wedding. The wedding was for two returned missionaries that met while serving in the mission. Elder Hamby was companions with the returned Elder.  After we left the wedding we had a lesson with Tamara. We taught her about family history, Brother Heiney helped get her started. The district came over to our apartment for transfer calls. We will be staying together for another transfer. I'm excited for our continued adventure. 

In the morning we had PEC and Ward council. The ward has made a lot of progress since I arrived in January. Tamara came to church. We got surprised after sacrament, no one had a lesson for gospel principles. We taught the lesson on the Atonement. We helped the Spanish elders setup for their baptism. Everyone calls us when they need access to things in the building. We grabbed a quick lunch and exchanged with the La Habra Elders. Elder Hamby went to Garden Grove for a baptism with Elder Durant. I stayed and went to dinner with Elder Dube. We had dinner with the Purrington's. After dinner we headed over to the church for a stake priesthood meeting. They talked about home teaching and the importance. Home teaching has a great effect it is more than just visiting some families once a month. They also talked about family history work. There was a demonstration where they setup a real account, then had a name to be printed all in less than 15 minutes. Elder Durney interviewed Tamara for baptism and she is ready. We exchanged back and picked up dessert from the Purrington's. 

Some pictures from the wedding 

**Note from Mom - For anyone wondering, no that is not alcohol. 


Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 31

vantage point
Monday 5/30/2016 
In the morning we had a zone hike at vantage 
point. After the hike we went to Wendy's 
with the Zone leaders and Sunny Hills. Elder
Haynie exchanged with some other Elders 
and we took Elder Henderson with us. We 
went to a collectibles shop and looked at 
their cool stuff. We all met back at the church and had some activities. After zone activity we went to Tamara's. We started the Book of Mormon with her and took care of a dead tree. We finished our lesson with Tamara, then we picked up our laundry. We got back to our apartment and exchanged with North Hills. I was in my area with Elder Lindsey. 

After studies we went to the Pinnacle to
print some things off. After lunch we 
visited a lot of less actives. We met Sister
Perry while we were out visiting people.
We were stuck at sister Perry's for quite a 
while she had some sort of short term
memory loss. So we ended up giving her
a message twice and she found out where
we live about 14 times. Elder Lindsey lost
his composure and started to giggle so we
lost control at that point. We were not 
really sure how to end it, but eventually 
we found our way out of the situation. 
After sister Perry we went and had dinner
with the Douglass family. The Douglass 
family invited Tamara over for that and 
we had a lesson with her. We exchanged
back at the end of the night. 

We had zone training with the Aps. It
was great it was on working with the
local church leaders and preparing people
for baptism. We grabbed Chik - fil - a for 
the grab then gather. We did some 
exploring of the church building. After
we went and tried some less actives. We 
had a lesson with Tamara it is great how
she has such a great desire to keep 
progressing. We finished the night by 
meeting with Brother Lefi and talking 
about his missionary efforts.

We had lunch with Elder Russell and
Julian at Oggi's pizza. They know 
how to make a good pizza. We visited
the Peterson family and talked about
member missionary work with them. 
After our visit it was dinner time so 
we headed over to see the Adams family.
After dinner we talked about setting up
a family mission plan with them. We
finished the night by visiting Tamara 
with the Jernigans. 

We spent most of our day doing 
weekly planning. The zone leaders 
came over and dropped some stuff 
off at our apartment. We went and 
saw Sister Henry she was not doing
well so we prayed with her and left. 
Dinner was with the Jewells and they 
brought us to Chronic tacos. We met
the Mikols to go see Tamara, then 
called it a night. 

First thing in the morning we went to 
and setup tables and chairs for a 
memorial service that was going to 
be held at the church. After the memorial
service setup we went to the Thorums 
to help them move. We moved the few 
items to their new apartment. When we
finished moving them, we went to Tony's 
pizza with everyone that helped with the 
move. We went out and visited formers. 
We met the Else family and got to know 
them a little then setup an appointment 
for next week. We tried a few more people
no luck. We met up with Elder Westover 
and Henderson at Taco Bell for dinner. 
We had another lesson with Tamara and 
Sister Jorgensen came. Tamara is excited 
for baptism and is ready. She is even going
to fast. After our lesson we called it a night.

We came to church it was fast and 
testimony meeting. Tamara enjoyed 
hearing everyone's testimony. We learned
about the life of Christ in gospel principles. We were able to get a lot of members lined up for lessons this week. Sister Fister invited us over for dinner. After dinner we went to the Bertichini's had a lesson with them then finished the night.