Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 12

Monday 1/18/2016
Subway for lunch 
We played floor hockey at zone activity.
We had dinner at the Gardeners house they have a bunch of young kids so it was crazy. We also gave them a short family home venting lesson. After we visited sister Fruedenbuger then called it a night,

Woke up went to the church to jump rope. While there we met a guy that does piano finishing, gold leafing and others things. He told us about how he has worked in a lot of the temples and showed us pictures. We then did studies and had lunch. We went to president interviews he talked about the powers of heaven and sister Taggart talked about the power of prayer. We then tried to see some potential investigators.Taught this guy that already had talked to missionaries but he showed no interest. Had dinner at the apt. After dinner we went to see a investigator we took the Hermonas (Spanish sisters) he was not home. They were able to talk to the mom who is Spanish and we are passing them. Then we saw a potential, Cody he likes Mormons he even wants his daughter to be one. We invited him to church but he has reservations.

We had a missionary devotional the first in a decade. We had Cali tacos for lunch real quick. We hurried back to the church to sit-in on there lesson. We visited some people and then saw the Gonzales family. Did some tracting. We visited the Merrill house. Went to dinner at Marie calendars with sister Wolfe. Did more finding then called it a night.   

Went to a lesson with the sisters they got dropped by their investigator. 
Had a lesson with Rocky a recently returned missionary came with us. 
We saw the Hermonas when we were walking from the car to dinner. 
We visited the Battles and the Flakke family
Then went to the mission home

Woke up cleaned the apartment 
Had some studies. 
We had an apt inspection. We got a 100 score which I guess is hard to get. 
Mission office for oil change
Visited sister Fruedenbuger. She is going to teach a lesson to all the boys in the neighborhood about respecting women. 
We had dinner with the Charle family.
Then saw Mason and called it a night.

We went to have a lesson we had planned but the guy was not there.
Went back to the apt for lunch.
We had a lesson with a women named Kimberly with Reace a return missionary, 
Our next lesson fell through.
We stopped by to see a less active and he agreed he would come to church. 
We then had a lesson planned with another solid guy but he was at work.
Stopped at a former investigators house for a lesson he told us that he was to far into his religion to change but he knows it is true. He needs to be passed to the Spanish program because there was a language barrier.
We had dinner at the apt. 
Stopped by an instigators house Issacc he dropped us.
We finished the night packing. 

Personal study 
Ward council 
Finished packing 
Dinners with the Stoughtons 
Elder Purnell said good byes 
Elder Purnell said bye to Gabriel a recent convert 
Packed the car went to mission home. 
Got my new comp. Elder Sparacino
Went to new area nicer. We spent most of the night moving stuff from the apt down the hall to our apt. 
 (I got a new comp. because of an emergency transfer, Elder Purnell had to go back home to deal with some stuff, but he will be back) 

Our giant Reese we ate it

 Saying Goodbye to Elder Purnell

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 11

Tuesday 1/12/2016
We woke up early at 5:30 to get ready to head to the temple.
Left at 7:00 with the sisters following us. 
We got to the temple had our session. Took pictures around the temple. After me and Elder Purnell went to Deseret and the sisters followed us. We went to cafe Rio for lunch where we met up with the rest of the English speakers in our zone. We hurried back to get our shopping done. Then went to zone activity I worked on jumping rope. We had dinner at the Halls. After dinner we went to try to see potential investigators. Then exchanged with Elder Hanby/Lawyer. I was with Elder Lawyer in my area. 

After studies we went to English class. Then tried to met up with a member that wanted to meet with him. He was not feeling to well so he canceled. We then did some finding. We also attempted to contact several potentials. We picked up  dinner at subway. Had an appointment with Rocky and taught him how to pass the sacrament. We did some finding. Then exchanged back to our original companions. 

Personal study then a short comp study. We headed to district meeting. Everyone seemed really out of it. They were all tired from waking up early on Tuesday. We went to lunch at El pollo loco. After lunch I had to run to Elder Handy/Lawyers car to take a noise maker. The noise maker was Elder Lawyer's. I had to take it for Elder Hanbys sanity. After lunch we met with a member that wanted to meet with us. We then went to dinner. After we had splits. I went with Brother String and Elder Purnell went with Brother Lee. 

Weekly planning 
We took Rocky with us to try to see this kid Isaac. Didn't work out. We dropped Rocky off then went to dinner. We visited a guy Enrique we set up a appointment for two weeks away. Then we went to English class. Finished the night member hunting.

We went to the temple tour. We got there and no one we invited showed up. We headed back to the area. We visited some less actives. Then headed for the ward games night. We played settlers of Catan Elder Purnell won he made a come back half way through the game when I was winning. After games night we stopped at Brother Charle's house. I hooked up his computer and we got his internet back and working. That finished the night.

Personal study
We got ready then went to missionary correlation meeting. Then sacrament meeting Elder Purnell gave a talk on conversation. In Elders quorum we heard this cool quote "When adversity comes, don’t let something you don’t fully understand unravel everything you do know. Be patient, cling to truth" it came from Stand by the Tree a general conference talk. After we went to choir practice. Then had a meeting with Brother Lee. Had lunch back at the apartment. Then went to dinner at a members house. After dinner we went to a general priesthood meeting on Sabbath day observance. After some sisters that are in the zone asked for a blessing. Then that finished the night. 

The arrival looks like a crash landing.

Week 10

Monday 1/4/2016
We woke up did our laundry. Then went shopping. After we went to Downtown Disney. After Downtown Disney we went to subway then zone activity. It is nice to have new people in the zone that want to do something. So we played chair soccer for quiet a while. After zone activity we went back to the apartment to have dinner. We also finished a 3-D puzzle I bought a Downtown Disney.
                    The 3-D puzzle I got a downtown Disney 

Rained most of the day 
Studies- During studies we got a call for a member in the ward Brother Charl. We were going to do service for him but he had to go to the emergency room. So after studies we went over and gave him a blessing. After we went back to the apartment to set up nightly meetings we are going to have with the members. We called a ton of people but most of the phone numbers didn't work. So we decided we will have to go member hunting. We visited a 97 year old lady that has 24 hour care. It was interesting she had dementia. She kept telling us that her care caretaker would be a better member. We did some finding for the rest of the day. 

Rained most of the day 
We tried to visit people that Elder Purnell saw while he was on exchanges with Elder Thomas. We got a phone call from our old ward mission leader and took us to dinner a Marie Calendars. After dinner we went back to the apartment so Elder Purnell could change his shoes. His shoes were soaked. We finished the night with a lesson with Rocky at the bishop's house.

We have zone training in the morning. We learned out of the learning to use time wisely section of preach my gospel. It is cool to see how planning can better effect our missionary purpose. As we plan we are better able to achieve our goals. After the district meeting went to lunch at a Mexican place it was pretty good. We then tried to meet this potential, Vincent but he is out of town. We met his cousin Stephanie she started reading the bible that day. She said it is kind of like a blessing for us to show up. We also taught a kid that the Viet Elders passed to us. Our ward mission leader was going to have us for dinner but his wife was sick. So he gave us gifts cards to go to subway. We met the sisters at subway and had dinner. After we tried to see members in the directory. We met with a less active sister in the ward that is working really well on her family history. 

We had personal study.
Went to stop world hunger for service. We painted the world on the wall in their warehouse. Went to the mission office to get temple grounds tour pass along cards. Went back to the apartment for dinner. 
Went out and tracted and tried to visit members of the ward.

Weekly planning lasted till 3
We tried to visit a member but she lives in some kind of elderly home. A Russian lady answered the door. It was really interesting. Dinner at a members house. Our lesson with the Battles got cancelled. We tracted the rest of the night.

Woke up had personal study.
Went to ward council. After ward council we got a call from the Tongan Elders. They needed a ride to their new ward since the Tongan branch was dissolved. So we left and gave them a ride we got there. We thought we might be able to catch sacrament there but it was not till the end. So we headed back to our building missed the sacrament. A departing missionary gave his talk and a return missionary gave his talk which was cool. We had ward choir practice after church. We went back to the apartment for sacrament. Then came back to go to the missionary farewell. Left went to dinner at members house. Drove the car back to the apartment and walked since we forgot to put gas in the car on Saturday. 

Woke up got gas in the car. Went to the church for exercise. My companion is a pro jump roper. So he is teaching me how to jump rope and do tricks. We had personal study and a short comp study. Then went to Brother Charl's house. He is the one we gave a blessing to last week. They took two liters of water out of his lungs. We took down his Christmas decorations. His computer got hacked and I tried to wipe it for him. After he took us to lunch to a place called Tommy's. We later had an appointment with a member of the ward and gave him a blessing to help overcome his struggles. The sisters taught a lesson to the family so we stayed for that. We went back to the apartment for dinner and did some member hunting for the rest of the night. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 9

P day 
Woke up did our laundry.
We got ready did our shopping.
Went to go pick up Elder Pruitt and Elder Lawyer for transfer meeting.
We went to a donut place with the district before the transfer meeting. 
Went to the transfer meeting, the departing missionaries shared their testimonies. Then president Taggart got up and told us how thisis going to be the last transfer meeting. So Elder Pruitt went with his new companion. We got Elder Hanby and he is with Elder Lawyer. We now have a trio in our ward. Sister Paulson went to Anaheim 10. The sisters Webb/Lewis are now in our ward. We left stopped at Elder Hanby and Lawyers apartment. We changed then went to the zone activity after stopping at subway for lunch. Didn't do much at zone activity. Dropped Elder Hanby/Lawyer at their apartment and we went to dinner. After dinner we visited some people. We were not able to teach any lessons to anyone. Then we called it a night. 

Started the day off with studies, then lunch. Left to meet a guy we met last week, he was not home. Went to the church to meet Rocky, we shared a lesson with him. After we went to pick up Elder Lawyer/Hanby. We brought them to the mission office to get a car. After we did a little finding before dinner. We talked to a couple for a while. We then went to dinner at a members house. The members son had the Elders from his ward which are in another mission. So there were four Elders and three sisters there for dinner. Their son was also coming home from him mission in chile. He was going to arrive in the morning. After dinner we met with a kid we have been teaching. He didn't have any time so we shared a short message. Then we finished the night tracting.

We had to go to the mission office my companion went to the leader meeting since he is district leader. During the leader meeting sister Taggart had the companions role play the restoration. After we finished we went to see a guy that recently had a stroke. We then did some tracting and this guy was telling us how he doesn't subscribe to belief. The guy is an engineer and very brilliant but we could not get through to him. We had dinner at Marie calendars. After dinner we tried to visit some potentials. Met a girl that has not met with the missionaries in maybe a year and is reading still. After we called it a night.
Saw this at Marie Calendars 

District meeting 
Went to district meeting talked about patience, humility and pride. Patience is important in teaching. We should also not be prideful to where we can't be enabled to do the things we should. We had lunch as a district at Anthony's. We visited a guy that the missionaries taught in the past. He was a cool guy he is 83 and you would not have guest it. After we went tracting and met a guy that really liked our message on families. We were done and while walking back to the car we met these kids Travis, Landon, Selen and Beyoncé. We tried their hover boards or whatever they are called. I ate it the first time I tried to get on. I was able to get on and get better the longer I was on it. The kids had some really great questions about God and the creation. We shared with them how they are children of God. We went to dinner at members house. After dinner we did some finding. We were back to the apartment by 8 because of New Years.

Woke up studies weekly planning 
During weekly planning Elder Sparto/Masio came to pick up Elder Sparto's bike. We finished weekly planning and tried to visit a guy that we had set an appointment for, he was not there. Most of the appointments fell through for the rest of the day. We saw a kid we have been teaching and rode his drifting bike. We had dinner at the apartment. We tracted some and met a cool guy. We finished with a new member lesson with Rocky. Then exchanged with Elder Thomas/Gentry. I'm with Elder Thomas in my area. 

Morning routine 
Lunch at five guys
Did some finding
Visited a member of the bishopric shared a message with him.
Taught a lesson to a less active family we have been working with.
Did some tracting
Exchanged back 

We had studies before church.
The meeting time changed to 11 
The sisters investigator Kim got confirmed in sacrament meeting.
We went to family history class. Learned about Howard W. Hunter in preparation of this years lesson manual. After church we met with our new ward mission leader and got him up to speed. Met with a guy that we have recently got in contact with. Probably will not go back that much since he is a little unstable. Then we had dinner at the bishops house. Finished the night tracting.