Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 4

Monday 11/23/15
Pday Woke up took our laundry to complex laundry room. We got a paper from the Apt. Manager they are going to give everyone a pie which is nice. We finished laundry and walked to Starbucks to use the wifi to start our emails. We did that then left to go to a park where my comp. played rugby with a lot of other missionaries. We went to lunch at subway. Then went to go pickup Elder Pruitt/Lawyer at the bike shop. On the way we saw them and Elder Pruitt wrecked his bike he screwed up his face pretty bad with road rash. While we where there we test rode this three wheel bike which had an electric booster that was cool to ride.Then went to district activity finished emails and played floor hockey. We got a referral and the said in quotes 'im from Utah Salt Lake City, I have been treated well by Mormons and I have always been interested in Mormonism or Latter Day Saints ; I want to convert and hope to be baptize soon.' We thought this was a fake referral from another Elder which seems to be a common thing here. We later met with him at night and it was a legit referral and he has been waiting to turn eighteen so he could be baptized. His family doesn't like Mormons and all we need to do is teach him the lessons. 

Got our pie today. Then went to iPad training. Had dinner with family at place called Water Front Cafe they have a good San Franciscan burger it was on a cheese toast bun. That was pretty much it. My comp says he is going to need another journal because I give him a lot to write. We sometimes just start laughing at the most random stuff. We hate on California a lot. Some of the stuff is just not right.

Went to English class today, that is where we go with the Korean Elders and the sisters to teach Koreans how to speak English. We also found a lady that has a lot of potential today. We also saw a inactive family we think we can get active again since the wife wants to go. We are going to teach them the lessons for practice.

Thursday Thanksgiving 
We had district meeting. Then went to a Korean French place not bad food everyone got smoothies. We then taught our golden referral and put him on date for December 19. We ate dinner at a Tahitian families house after we had a pre dinner at another families house. The Tahitian family had all the traditional dishes with crab, green bananas that were cooked, and some other stuff. They also go us and the sisters to eat raw fish it is pretty disgusting. Then we ended the night talking to a guy John for two hours wow he can talk my comp maybe said 10 words.

Taught a less active family. The wife's brother was there and he was trying to pretty much throw our lesson off since he is against the church. He was reading stuff off google on his phone. We answered his questions and were able to have a good lesson still. Then we went to English class. His anti 

Did a lot of finding. Started passing out our A Savior is born pass along cards. We are waiting to get the video tomorrow. When we got to the apartment someone was parked in our stall. So we parked behind them and waited for them to knock on our door. A guy eventually did knock and we moved the car. 

Church was good today. Learned about not passing judgement in sacrament meeting and keeping the sabbath day holy. Met again with our gold investigator he is really excited to get baptized. The A Savior is born video came out and we started showing people. We sang in choir today we are in the ward choir. We also had maybe the worst door approach ever so we knocked and they were Korean said we showed them the A Savior is born video in Korean. The video began and the voice was not what we expected and we started laughing uncontrollably. Probably a good thing they couldn't understand us. 

Elder Caleb S. Bailey 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Provo Temple

Pictures Caleb sent in his email this week from his time at the MTC

Week Three

Elder Caleb Smith Bailey Landed in California
 All the Elders and Sisters that entered the mission home on the same day
 Happy Mail Delivery at the mission home :)

My first week in California was good. My comp. is Elder Purnell. He is from Canada. What up lifted me this week was district mtg and meeting the mission pres. Start sending you emails on Saturday. Mission scripture d and c 4:2. I'm not on a bike mission told the mission pres. What it look like is he will only be putting me in car areas. There is a CD player in car. I have a I pad.

Elder Caleb S. Bailey 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Last night at the MTC

My companion is elder Thomas he is from Colorado. I got the packages the cinnamon rolls were good. My flight will leave around 8:00 this time zone. I bought a calling card so I can call from the airport I will call before the time I leave. I sang in the choir last week that was cool it should be online somewhere it was recorded. Last night we had a devotional from the church medias director we were the first ones to learn about what the churches Christmas awareness thing would be this year. The only other ones to know are the general authorities. # A Savior is Born it will go live Nov. 29. I'm glad to get to the mission field I guess the English speaking missionaries in the MTC got lucky because all English speaking have to go for 3 weeks. I will have to send you pictures when I get in the field. It also is snowing here, there is maybe a couple inches.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Starting his service.

This scripture is so perfect.
Caleb at the Provo Temple
Unloading at the MTC
Hugging goodbye
He is off!