Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 84 Forgiveness

Monday 6/5/2017
In the morning we picked up the Birch Hills Elders then dropped off Elder Martin with the zone leaders to go on a hike. We picked up the Bolsa Elders and got somethings we needed to get done. When we were done we all met back up at PDay activity. We had dinner with the Hansbrough family. Our night ended abruptly when a sickness hit us both more me. 

Most of our day was in the apartment, I being struck with sickness. We were able to go to dinner with the Martin family.  After we had a lesson with the Nighighs, we taught them the restoration. They have really enjoyed hearing the lessons and are getting excited about it. That pretty much ended our night other than giving Birch Hills a ride. 

We started our day with Rise Against Hunger. We helped out in the warehouse spray painting some soy bins. We grabbed lunch at Peters burger they have some good eating there. Then we went back and finished up. We had our studies before our dinner with the Armburst family which was great. We did a little finding before we went to the hospital ICU to give a man a blessing. It had been a while since I had to get suited up in medical shields to give a blessing. It was interesting to communicate with him since he couldn't speak due to a tube in his throat. We ended our night meeting up at the mission office. We currently have a Assistant trio for the transition of the Presidents. They have been going on as many exchanges as they can. They are split three ways. We ended up taking Elder Perez to the area with us. 

At some morning studies we picked up Birch Hills, then headed to district meeting. We discussed setting meaningful goals for our daily efforts. That has been an important part of my mission, helping the days be effective. After we head back had a quick lunch and companionship study. The park had a good amount of people out and about, so we did some finding. We had the chance to talk to a lot of people, we kept going from someone to the next. Risa was one of the greatest we taught her the restoration and she accepted it very well. After dinner we continued on for the rest of the day finding. There was a few opportunities to talk to people. At the end of the night we exchanged back. 

After our studies and lunch we did some weekly planning. We had a break in the middle to stop by Mechelle's. She was home, but leaving as we walked up so we talked to her dad instead. He is really great so we did some reading with him. Our weekly planning continued till dinner, with the Taylor's at the Blaze pizza. We were able to do some finding for the rest of the night. There was some people home to talk to which was great. One of the greatest was a older member of the ward. As we started to teach him he forgot what we were doing then abruptly ending the visit showing us all of the pictures on the walls of his home which ended the visit. 

We started our day with a move for the Nebakers. They moved just a round the block from their current home. We went back and finished up our studies before lunch. The Vanovers were home so we talked with them about reading and praying to find peace with their troubled lives. Sister Monroe had a bunch of extra subway sandwiches she wanted to get rid of so we helped her out with some other missionaries. We did some finding in the highly Spanish populated area. Our finding continued for the rest of the night, but not too many people wanted to talk. 

It was a great Sunday, the Juarez family came to church. They had some really good talks on repentance and uplifting music. After church we finished up our studies. We went finding and met Jose, he is really interested in meeting with us. He wants to change from his past and grow closer to his father in heaven. Our night ended when we stopped by the Clark's. Brother Clark is quiet the talker he told us about his mission about 60 years ago, family and retirement. He has some great stories, but it took a long time. 

One of the important elements of repentance is seeking forgiveness from the Lord. Our sins are a heavy burden on our daily lives. We know that we did something wrong that was against our Father in Heaven. When we receive forgiveness from the Lord brings great relief. That is why repentance is such a great thing, it lifts that burden. When we repent of our sins the Lord will remember them no more. “Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more” (D&C 58:42). We often have trouble succumbing to our pride to realize the relief the repentance will bring. 

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