Thursday, August 3, 2017

Week 89 & 90 The Sacrament & Miracles

Monday 7/10/2017
It wasn't a too eventful PDay. We got a little shopping done and finished up some tasks. There was a activity, we played a few rounds of gator ball. After dinner we went out to try and contact some members of the ward we don't know. 

Afternoon our studies we went to the park for some contacting. We had the opportunity to talk to a few people and share about the restoration. We did more finding for the rest of the day. The heat ended putting some missionaries out of commission. We did hit the Chick fil a for cow appreciation day a couple times and also 7 eleven for slurpees. 

In the morning we had a service at the Hathaways. There was an over grown banana tree that we cut down. It took a little while to finish up the job. We went back and finished our studies before we went out for the day. We were able to see the Martin family and share a message with them. We discussed the importance of scripture study and prayer. 

We had a great District meeting focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is the greatest tool we have as missionaries, it is the evidence of the truth of the things that we share with those that we meet. We go out and our invitation to everyone is to read and ask God of the truthfulness of it. If those that we invite to read and pray about the Book of Mormon have the promise finding if it is true from the prompting of the Holy Ghost.

Our day was taken up mostly by our weekly planning. 

In the morning we had a service helping a family move out of the ward. We seem to have a lot of the older families moving out. We went out and did some contacting of those in the ward that we don't know. We had the chance to talk to Charles's dad for a while about the church. 

Sacrament meeting was great there was a lot of great talks. Elder Sparto spoke of the great worth of souls and the importance of missionary work. One of the greatest feelings that we can have on this earth is seeing those around us come to the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The Sacrament 
It is a great reminder every week of the sacrifice the our Savior preformed on behalf of us. We partake of the emblems to remind us of his sacrifice of flesh and blood. All to often throughout our week we forget to remember. If we strive to remember him always as we go throughout our week we will find it to be a great blessing. As we continue to take his name upon us we become changed or converted. 

Monday 7/17/2017 
It was Elder Spartos birthday so he had a lot of activities planned. After stopping by the mission office in the morning we headed over to raising Cains for lunch. There was a fairly large group that followed for his celebration. We all then went to a mall where we did some shopping. He bought some Wolferine claws. Which he later used to cut random things. Our night continued with us doing a little finding before the night ended. 

Early in the morning there was a service for the big family history center in Orange. We picked up the move in package for the new apartment they will be moving us to. That took us while to do. After dinner we were able to do some visits of the members. 

We had a great District meeting on the role of the spirit in conversion. It was a nice review, it is so important for those we teach to feel the spirit while we teach them. The spirit is truly the teacher, that is the converting power. After district meeting we had a group of missionaries that went up to the Silverado canyon for lunch. The Flores family was home later on and we taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have been doing very well with their reading which has helped them a lot. 

It was our weekly planning day. We weren't able to get all finished up since we moved into a new apartment. That sucked up most our time for the day. We did stop by to see a few people at the end of the night. 

While we were doing some finding in the heat Elder Sparto went down. He stopped for a second and said he felt faint and leaned on me then I eased him to the ground. I gave a call to the nurse and got him back to our apartment. The heat got to him and he had a little heat exhaustion. He was in recovery most of the day. In the evening there was a stake pioneer day celebration that we stopped by, it was a pretty cool event. They setup a town and everything. 

In sacrament meeting a return mission president and his wife spoke. They shared some great experiences. A few stories were shared about following the promptings of the spirit and the great effect it had even saving some people's lives. President Golden was in attendance and we talked with him for a moment before he left. After church the ward had a linger longer in celebration of being a ward for a year. After dinner we did some finishing to our weekly plan, by making some calls. 

We often fail to recognize the effect of following the spirit. There are times were we get a thought and aren't sure whether to follow, us thinking it is our own thoughts not the spirit. The thing is that is how the spirit works through the impressions to our mind. We will be guided by receiving the thought to do something good. It is our job to follow that immediately and not spend time on the subject. The way that we receive more direction from the spirit it showing our willingness to follow the ones that we already receive. So as we do these things we are blessed with more impressions. These impressions bring us Miracles of us acting. 

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